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ISHA's Legislative Efforts


How has ISHA been working for you to protect your scope of practice and licensure? Listed below is a brief summary of all the legislative work ISHA has done in the past 15 years... 


  Summary of ISHA Legislative Activities

2016               Assisted successful efforts to establish scholarship program for new teachers.

2016               Unsuccessfully fought for salary supplements for SLPs in schools.

2015               Helped obtain funding for hearing aids for children.

2015               Unsuccessfully fought for salary supplements for SLPs in schools.

2015               Helped obtain prohibition on unlicensed health care providers being placed on new

                       pilot registry that provides no state oversight.

2014               Helped obtain prohibition on sale of hearing aids without fitting.

2013               Obtained requirements for education and training when OTs perform dysphagia


2013               Successfully opposed efforts by music therapists to create licensure enabling speech


2012               Provided information to ISHA members on legislative efforts to establish Center for

                       Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education.

2012               Opposed unsuccessful efforts to deregulate hearing aid dealers.

2011               Opposed unsuccessful efforts to permit OTs to perform dysphagia therapy.

2010               Successfully opposed combining hearing aid dealer licensing with SLP/AUD licensing.

2009               Assisted successful efforts to establish program to provide hearing aids for children.

2008               Assisted unsuccessful efforts to obtain funding for graduate SLP program in Ft.


2008               Supported upgrade of regulation for OTs from certification to licensure.

2007               Obtained repeal of Restricted Test List that would have prevented SLPs from using

                       many diagnostic testing instruments.

2007               Obtained standards for Emergency Permits in schools.

2006               Obtained standardization of CE requirements for teacher licenses.

2005               Maintained Master’s level requirement for SLPs as part of updates to SLP/AUD

                       practice act.

2005               Obtained education and training requirements for support personnel.

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