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On Thursday, January 30, the House passed HB1139 with little opposition (88-8).


HB 1139 would prohibit the sale, lease, or rental of a hearing aid in Indiana unless the hearing aid is fitted and adjusted by a hearing aid dealer or audiologist.


The Bill was amended with HB 1337, which would require a study of the cost of a state program or insurance to provide hearing aids for children.


ISHA has taken a position in support of HB 1139 and two of our audiology members, Susan Lopez and Deb Liebrich, provided crucial testimony in the House Public Health Committee in support of the Bill.


We are thankful for ISHA members who testified and for members who contacted their state representatives and urged them to support HB1139.


A copy of the bill can be viewed by using the following link:


The Bill has moved to the senate and is scheduled for a hearing on Monday February 24 at 10:100 am in the Senate Commerce, Economic Development & Technology Committee


Now it's time to contact your senator in the Senate Commerce, Economic Development & Technology Committee before 10:00 am on Monday February 24, 2014


You need to simply ask your senator to support HB 1139. If you want to add a rationale, feel free to do so.


You can contact your senator by either of the following ways:

      You can email your senator using the email address below.

      You can telephone your senator using the telephone number below.


Senate Commerce, Economic Development &
Technology Committee

Sen. Jim Buck, Chair


Sen. Ron Grooms


Sen. Allen Paul


Sen. Jim Smith


Sen. Greg Walker


Sen. Brent Waltz


Sen. Mike Young


Sen. John Broden


Sen. Frank Mrvan


Sen. Greg Taylor



Thank you, 

Hala Elsisy

ISHA VP of Audiology

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