CF Supervision in the schools

30 Nov 2012 11:34 AM | Deleted user
Does anyone know where I can get some good information on Clinical Fellow supervision in the school system?


  • 05 Dec 2012 4:50 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Maria Cheaney Mabe - Go to ASHA website!
    November 30 at 4:44pm via FaceBook

    Rachel Ross-Kroemer - I use ASHA's resources.
    November 30 at 5:35pm via FaceBook

    Jennifer Freeman - I recently saw a study about the benefits of having a CF journal throughout the process and then using the journal to guide discussions with supervisor. Also saw a blog about using Google forms and spreadsheets to track and communicate during CF experience. Here's the link:

    Moving Into the 21st Century with CF Supervision and Record-Keeping

    Photo by Ruth Morgan Becoming a certified speech-language pathologist is a compl
    icated and time-consuming process! It should be–this is a very complex and broad field covering speech, langua...
    December 2 at 8:51pm via FaceBook
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    • 21 Jan 2013 4:46 PM | Gina Russel
      What kind of information do you need? Where to find supervisors in your area? Pros and Cons?
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