A Message from Dawn Wetzel, Legislative Chairperson

Thank you so much to all who joined us on Legislative Day 2019. We had 220 participants and we spoke with 67 legislators!  Those are both records. Well done!  It was great to see old friends, to meet new ones, and have all seven CSD programs represented. All had a role in making this day a success. The presentations and discussions that followed informed and prepared us. 

Don't stop now. Now is the time to follow up with your Representative and/or Senator and thank them for stopping by or let them know that you missed them. 


HERE is a list of legislatorthat attended our luncheon. The Talking Points are separated into House and Senate.  Use the House Talking Points when talking with your Representatives and use the Senate Talking Points when talking with your Senators. In case it is confusing, the House Talking Points include Senate Bill 189 because it originated in the Senate, has passed, and is now going to the House. Conversely, the Senate Talking Points include bills that originated in the House which are now going to the Senate. You may notice that there have been some minor changes to the talking points. This is because much has been happening since Legislative Day. Slight changes include the following: 

  • House Talking Points: 
  • SB 189 - "ISHA supports the phase out." There was some discussion that the phase out could happen even sooner. We do not want to tie ourselves to a certain length. 
  • Senate Talking Points:
  • HB 1269 - no change.
  • HB1484 - only added that it passed the House.
  • HB1001 - decreased specificity. Kept that ISHA supports increased appropriation; but omitted that we supported twice the level of funding.​​​

You are all leaders. Way to represent. 

Thank you!


Dawn Wetzel MAT, CCC-SLP

Clinical Associate Professor 

Speech-Language Hearing Sciences Department

Purdue University

715 Clinic Drive 

West Lafayette, Indiana 47907


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