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Thursday, April 5 

Dietzen - Making a Difference - No Handout 

Ebert - Assessing & Treating Suspected Childhood Apraxia of Speech/Four Parts

DiSogra - Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals for Hearing Loss and Tinnitus/Part 1 

DiSogra - Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals for Hearing Loss and Tinnitus/Part 2

Bradburn - Integrating SLP Interventions into Classrooms Using a Workload Approach/Two Parts

Ritter & Pakenham - Just a Toolbox of Resources for Listening and Spoken Language

Dietzen - We Weren't All Born to be Doctors or Nurses, but We Were All Born to be Healers - No Handout

Reaves - Congratulations!  You are now a Card-Carrying Member of a Social Skills Group! - Speaker will provide handouts in session

Ritter & Pakenham - Just a Box of Games and iPad of Apps - Ritter and Pakenham

Reaves - The SLP and AT:  It's More than AAC!Speaker will provide handouts in session

DiSogra - Drug Side Effects on Audiological and Vestibular Testing 1 - DiSogra

DiSogra - Drug Side Effects ion Audiological and Vestibular Testing 2 - DiSogra

Ross-Kroemer - Best Practice & Eligibility/Dismissal Decisions:  Indiana's Speech-Language Guidance Document - No Handout

Risser & Cravotta - Indiana Voice and Dysphagia Network:  IMST/EMST and Grand RoundsCravotta will provide handouts in session

Curlin - Ethics of Providers - No Handouts

Movie Night - Including Samuel 

Friday, April 6 

Browning - Breakfast & Learn - Engineering and Immersive AAC Environment

Ebert - The Power of Play in the Development of Young Children/Three Parts

Dillingham - Telepractice:  20 Questions - Dillingham

Khayum, Rogalski, Morhardt - Toss the Workbooks:  Practical Approaches for Person-Centered Dementia Care

Kinzer Courter - ESSA Language Therapy Strategies for Push-In and Pull-Out

Khayum, Rogalski, Morhardt - A Life Participation Approach for Treatment for Individuals with Primary Progressive Aphasia

Khayum, Rogalski, Morhardt - A Life Participation Approach for Treatment for Individuals with Primary Progressive Aphasia/Handout 2

Griffin - Tiers Without Tears!  Implementing Best Practices in Literacy Instruction and How SLPs Can Help/Three Parts

Thomas & Shepherd - From Acute Care to School:  How Do We Navigate the Journey with the ABI/TBI Student to Help Them Have the Best Return to School/Two Parts

Walsh, Brown, Lippitt Gerwin - New Research Directions and Intervention Strategies with Children Who Stutter 

Scherer - Indiana Legislative Updates 

Edwards - Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing:  Assessment and Intervention from Infancy Through Preschool

Beck - Leadership & Learning - No Handout prior to convention.  Will provide website during session.

Edwards - Update to Pediatric Dysphagia:  The Growing Years 

Fruscione - Navigating CSDCAS

Box & Young - Career Opportunities in the First Steps Early Intervention System

Elsisy - Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program Update

Saturday, April 7 

Commons - Indiana First Steps Update

Edwards - Specialty Certification in Dysphagia:  A Questions & Answer Session - No Handouts for this Session 

Kinzer Courter - Supralinguistic Skills

Furner - Invisibility:  The Cause and the Cure

Browning - How to Obtain Funding for AAC (Without Losing Your Mind) - Handoout 2

Richard - Selective Mutism:  Why Won't They Talk?!

Rademacher - Voice Therapy 101:  Let's Talk About Voice Basics - Handout 2 - Handout 3 

Bowman - Advocating for the Advocate:  How to Work Together to Support Children & Families While Developing Great IEP

Rademacher - Voice and Communication Intervention for Gender Diverse Individuals

Rang & Mankey - Communication:  Encouraging Liberty and Justice for All

Richard - Sorting Out Auditory and Language Processing Disorders

Richard - Who Me?  Volunteers Shape the Profession



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